Reactor 88 Studios is going big for the second straight year. 
Universal Studios is having a contest involving a $15k prize and their latest ride called King Kong 360 3D.  This contest has anyone and everyone making their best 1-minute video promo of Kong’s most recent aftermath. Last Wednesday we finished shooting our principal footage downtown Chicago at Congress and Dearborn. Currently, the edit is with our CG team overseas and then it is off to CSF for the final audio pass.  Please check in with us next week for this video’s release!



We just signed on to do the post work for a feature film called ‘ The Visitor From Elsewhere’, written by Joseph Ornelas.  A story about an unsuccessful writer, Edward Bloom (Harold Dennis) must choose between his conventional life and a life of the imagination when he meets the ‘Visitor’ who promises spiritual fulfillment at the price of his sanity. This film was shot in 2008 in Skokie, Illinois and is aiming for a late Summer 2010 release. Currently, we are working with Producer Rahul Thakkar to get this film ready for the screen!




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